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BPW Membership: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of membership?
A member of a local club is automatically also a member of the district, national, provincial, and international organizations; entitled to attend events; receive communications; and contribute to policy development - all included in the single fee. Each club has its own calendar of events and committee activities for its members.

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When and where are meetings held at each level?

  • Each District holds its Annual General Meeting in the fall, usually in October.
  • A Provincial Conference is usually held in late Spring/early Summer. The location is chosen by the host club, which changes every year.
  • The BPW Canada holds a National Convention every two years, moving from West to Central Canada to the East.  In alternate years, an Annual Meeting is held wherever it is most convenient for the Board of Directors.
  • The International Federation holds a Congress every three years.

How are clubs run?
Each club has its own Board of Directors or Executive.

What are the duties of membership?
Members in good standing are those who have paid their annual fees and continue to support the aims and objectives of the organization. They are encouraged to participate in committee work and stand for office as well as attend meetings, which are usually held once a month.

How much are membership fees?
The membership fee is varies from club to club. This amount includes fees to the provincial organization and the national and international federations.

What happens if a member moves away from her club?
A member of any club in Canada can transfer her membership to any other club in Canada at no cost.

What is the purpose of the provincial BPW organization?
As an advocacy group, BPW must address issues at the appropriate level of jurisdiction. BPW Ontario lobbies government and other organizations on matters of provincial concern on behalf of all its members across Ontario.

BPW Ontario also holds membership/voice/voting privileges in other organizations within the Province to promote mutual interests.