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Some World War II Activities

A Sterling draft for £50 was sent to Mrs. Vincent Massey in England, to help provide comforts for the women of the Armed Forces. Mrs. Massey cabled her thanks and a letter of appreciation was received from the Rt. Hon. Herbert Morrison, Minister of Defence.

Ethel Butler was appointed to act on the Advisory Council of the Canadian Women's Voluntary War Services.

The Trawler Group was formed for the purpose of supplying extra woollens and comforts to the skipper and crew of H.M.T. “Strathavon”. Shipments were made through the Overseas Parcel League of Montreal.

Olive Heughan, through her own efforts, collected from her friends, purchased and sent to Britain 500 dozen sanitary napkins at a value of $123.45. “A happy Club is an efficient Club.” Through the kind offices of Western Assurance Company, many dresses, suits, underwear and toilet articles were sent to Britain. Gifts of useful articles were made to the Trawlers “Strathavon” and “Cloughstone.”

Harriet Parsons, who was with the Wartime Prices and Trade Board, forwarded a letter from that department emphasizing that the Club should not serve tea, coffee or sugar for any social functions. This was observed all through the rationing period.

Our International outlook – “broad human sympathies; a special appreciation for the need of co-operation among nations, and a belief in the high mission of women.”

$100 donated to the Prisoners of War Fund, the Red Cross and the Chinese Relief Fund. Members helped in Tag Days for each of these organizations.

An appeal from Malta for childrens clothing was answered.

Four clocks at $20 each were purchased for H.M.C.S. “Toronto”, and scores of ditty bags were sent to the Navy League.

June 7 – Two antique brass candlesticks were sent to the Toronto Club by Tynemouth BPW in recognition of food parcels sent by us to their members.

An international group of BPW members in New York City