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“Our Elsie”

In 1951 Elsie Gregory MacGill transferred her membership from Vancouver Club. Elsie was then an aeronautical engineer of renown, and technical adviser to the International Aviation Association. Elsie‟s mother, Judge Helen Gregory MacGill, was a founding and life member of the Vancouver club.

In 1971 Elsie Gregory MacGill was awarded the Canada Medal for her work on the Royal Commission on the Status of Women (1967) and her outstanding work as an engineer. (At the age of 12, she designed a plane that flew.)

This was only one of her many achievement awards. Some of the others that followed were the Amelia Earhart Medal by the International Association of Women Pilots in 1975; an Honorary LL.D from the University of Windsor and a life membership in the Canadian Consulting Engineers Society at the International Engineering Society Conference in 1976; and in 1979 the Outstanding Adventure Award of the Zonta Club, an award consisting of a medal and $400 for her favourite charity. She spoke out clearly and concisely on the many issues of the day: in September 1976 she spoke on the need, work and objectives for the information of an Ontario Women's Resource Centre. In March 1979 she was sent as a delegate to the NAC conference in Ottawa.

In November 1981, Elsie Gregory MacGill died while visiting her sister in Cambridge, Massachusetts.