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On May 4, 1937, President Hazel Vanderwoort said:

“One dream which we have had for some time and one which your president previous to me also had hoped to bring into being, was the compilation of a roster. We appreciate, of course, that the Club was not formed for business purposes, but we cannot but feel that if we were going to buy a hat or have a circular set out, we would prefer to go to someone we knew, if we could just refer to our roster and find the information desired. So many other matters of a more pressing nature occupied the time of the Executive that we did not feel the time was ripe for incurring this expense...we hope the incoming Executive may be able to give this some consideration.”

June 11, 1947 – It was finally moved that Mrs. Mary Primeau proceed with preparing a roster of club members in booklet form, to cost no more than 25¢ per member.

By 1955 we were affiliated with Local Council of Women, Inter-Club Council for Women in Public Affairs, United Nations, Canadian Association of Consumers, and the Elizabeth Fry Society.

In the early sixties, it was a practice of the Club to have individual members attend meetings of other organizations: Association of Women Electors, Canadian Consumer's Association, the Elizabeth Fry Society and many more, bringing back reports on the activities of these various organizations.

In 1962 the Special Projects Committee proposed “Contact Groups”. Nothing...until suddenly in 1982 we had our Networking Committee.