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BPW Toronto was formed in 1910 to help women in the workforce. At that time, only single women were employed outside the home and they were restricted to just a few "feminine" occupations.

BPW has always sought to widen women's career aspirations. Before there were guidance counsellors in schools, BPW Toronto held career information seminars for girls, with members serving as speakers and role models. At a time when few women rose beyond entry-level positions, BPW Toronto provided an "Arts of Management" Course so that women could develop the necessary skills for advancement.

Times certainly have changed! Nowadays, there are married as well as single women in almost all occupations and the "glass ceiling" is frequently smashed. BPW continues to work towards the equality of women in all aspects of life--economic, political and social--at local, national and international levels. Toronto is the only BPW club in the world to have had two international presidents, as well as several provincial and national presidents."

Over the years, BPW Toronto has worked with other organizations to improve laws to make them fair for everyone. Since the 1940's, there have been briefs to provincial and federal governments concerning a wide variety of issues such as jury duty, inclusion in pension plans, parental leave, safety in the workplace, treatment of rape victims and various health concerns. Much has been achieved but there is still work to be done.

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