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Aims and Objectives

  • Strive for high standards of service in business, the professions, industry and public life
  • Stimulate interest in federal, provincial and municipal affairs, and encourage women to participate in the business of government at all levels
  • Encourage and assist women and girls to acquire education and training
  • Affiliate with other organizations to promote mutual interests
  • Cooperate and implement BPW Canada and BPW International aims and objectives

Club Objectives

  • To provide opportunities for interaction between members and Clubs; to promote the policies and initiatives of the National and International Federations, the Provincial Organizations/Associations, and local Clubs; and to promote the development of new Clubs in Canada.
  • While upholding the traditions of respect, support and mutual co-operation and recognizing the varied backgrounds and lifestyles of its members, to create a positive image of a strong, progressive and mutually supportive women's group by developing forward thinking policies and efficient operating procedures to provide a forum for positive action.
  • To lobby for change in law and practice which will achieve economic equity and economic security for women, and to work for change in attitudes which will bring about equality of opportunity for women in education, employment and participation in public and political roles.
  • To recognize and promote the varied abilities and accomplishments of its membership and to encourage the development of the career and leadership aspirations of women.

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